Get to know about Hong Kong's school diversity

Staying true to its reputation of being an international city, Hong Kong offers a wide selection of schools with various curriculum from all over the world with so many options on the table. From public locals schools to international and private schools, we break down all the different types of education on offer in Hong Kong. Remunaration package vary greatly between different systems and schools, so be sure to get more information from Kairos Career during your Journey in Recruitment Program.

Public Local Schools

Local schools are typically divided into government schools and grant schools. Government schools, as the name suggests, are run by the Government, while grant schools are run by local charitable or religious organisations. Many of Hong Kong's most prestigious schools with a long history of high academic achievements fall into the latter category. Both government schools and grant schools adopt the local curriculum, which means that Chinese lessons are mandatory. But apart from language classes, the curriculum is taught either all in English (EMI schools) or all in Chinese (CMI schools).

For those thinking of moving HK with his/her family: Education is provided free of charge all through primary until secondary level in local schools, but only Hong Kong permanent residents are allowed admission. So if your child is a permanent resident, local schools are a great option that won't make a huge dent in your bank account.

Private Schools

Private schools are run by private organisations without government funding. Some of these schools, such as Renaissance College and International Christian School offer the non-local curriculum while others, such as Rosaryhill School choose to offer the local education curriculum, but provide extra attention for non-Chinese-speaking students, as well as students with special education needs. These schools are managed by the school management committee and have full autonomy of student admission and course content. These schools often provide an alternative to mainstream education, while ranking in Hong Kong's top top schools.

International Schools

For expatriate or English-speaking families, international schools are a common choice. These schools have full autonomy of student admission, course content, and deliver curricula from an array of different countries, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Some parents may wish to send their kids to schools that offer the curricula of their home countries, however, many of these schools have long waiting lists and strict priority systems, which means priority is usually given to siblings of current students, family members of alumni, and debenture holders. Some examples of international schools in Hong Kong include the Malvern College Hong Kong, which works closely with Malvern College UK to provide the International Baccalaureate programme at primary and secondary level, the Australian International School, which follows the Australian national curriculum, and Nord Anglia International School, an innovative school that takes on a modern approach with high quality learning, while encouraging its students to be creative thinkers and independent learners through enriching opportunities inside and out of the classroom.

Learning Centers

Provides flexible learning options (English medium) for a comprehensive range of primary, kindergarten and prenursery school subjects and courses. Students learn with both full-time and as tutorial support for mainstream school. They have a wide range of fully qualified and experienced international teachers, examiners & tutors (or language specialists) as well.

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