How to get ready for 1st lesson at school

Teachers attend Professional Teaching Orientation Week , which occurs 1 week before classes begining. Professional Teaching Orientation Week is designed to help teachers become familiar with school curriculum, lesson material, teaching flow, school procedures and policies, meet with colleagues and etc. Teachers have an opportunity to meet and participate in team-building activities with colleagues and learn about library, technology and other resources available to them in school. Normally special presentations related to current trends in education are also scheduled.

Teachers are introduced to key structures and components of the school program that facilitate learning for both them and for their students, so they become familiar with the goals, purposes and procedures related to the Learning Cohort, the Professional Learning Seminar, and the range of required field experiences. They are introduced to the four themes of learner-, knowledge-, assessment- and community-centeredness that intersect all course and field work and become familiar with the themes' roles in helping them create coherence among these various experiences. They will also attend sessions related to professional responsibilities of teachers, workplace safety and academic integrity.


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