Frequently Asked Questions

What is the English Teacher Employment Program?

This program is a comprehensive service run by Kairos Career that organizes all the processes for English teachers' employment demand.


How long has the program been running?

This program has been running by Kairos Career, since 2014.


What are the school profiles in the program?

The program includes more than 650 public schools, private schools and educational centers in leading Asian countries such as Hong Kong, S. Korea, Japan and China. The level of these schools varies from kindergarten to high school.


What are the requirements for application?

Excellent English-speaking skill


A) Degree in English teaching + preferably teaching experience in an institution


B) Associate or Bachelor's degree (any discipline)  + teaching certificate such Tefl, Tesol, Celta, etc. + preferably teaching experience in an institution is required.


I am degree holder in English teaching.  Do I need extra teaching certificate such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, etc.?



I am not a degree holder in English teaching. Do I need extra teaching certificate such as TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, etc.  If so, how can I get it ?

If you have course named "Teaching English as Second Language", "Teaching English as Foreign Language" etc. in your transcript, please contact us to inform.


If not available;

You will need one of these certificates. Please contact us to get information about those documents, which are provided by the institutions in the UK to Program participants at a discount


What is the purpose of this program?

This service, carried out by Kairos Career, is an international employment program and service for English teachers.


The program manages this process by completing all the processes and procedures before and after arrival in the country where applicant will go before leaving the country where they are located.

How and where is the whole process managed?

Applications from every country are managed by Kairos Career Headquarter in Hong Kong.

Is the program paid?

Kairos Career is a commercial enterprise. The program is paid.


How is the program fee charged?

The program fee is paid in 2 parts. It is based on the collection of the deposit at the beginning of the program (after document preparation, work contract, work visa and accommodation, etc. are completed) and the remaining amount upon the candidate's arrival.


How much will I be paid monthly?

Salary range;


USD basis: avg. 3000 USD - 9500 USD

HKD basis: avg. 23,500 HKD - 73,500 HKD


Rate varies according to qualification.

Will I get my salary in Hong Kong Dollars or American Dollars?

You will receive your salary in Hong Kong Dollars. 3000 USD = approx. 23,500 HKD


Am I able to get extra income by doing tutoring ?

Tutoring outside of business hours is a legal process and you can give as many private lessons as you want. Kairos Career can provide information about the use of local tutoring sites to applicants who wish to do so. In Hong Kong average, the tuition fees for private lessons/tutoring vary from HKD 400-600 (USD 55-85).


How much can I save up on average in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, HKD 20,000 (approx. 2500 usd) and above can be well accumulated, while in Hong Kong the minimum salary is approximately HKD 10,000 (1280 usd), while the average Hong Kong salary is HKD 16,000 (approx. 2000 usd). Referring to 

The average salary of a foreign English teacher starts at an average of 3000 USD. 

How do you make accommodation organization?

Following the approval of the employment visa, our team will inform you about the program accommodations. These accommodation options can be divided into 3 as shared flat, private studio, house. Price range is between approx. 600-900 USD.


Can I get information about airport pickup?

Our participants are picked up at the airport by our team and taken to their accommodation.


How does the employment visa process take place?

The Hong Kong SAR Immigration Department (HKIMMD) receives your documents after your documents are checked by our officials who follow your visa process upon completion of the documents requested from you on the profile page. Visa approval / refusal is fully and only under HKIMMD's authorization.

Is bringing family possible. Do they need visa?

Dependent Visa is provided for the participants’ families (1st degree relative only). With Dependent visa, family members can reside in Hong Kong, work full time or study as they wish. Further information:


What is duration of the employment contract?

Program contracts are basically offered for 1 year, but this period can be increased or decreased beside your contract is renewable for the next year upon your request.


How long does the visa approval process take?

Hong Kong SAR Immigration Department starts this period with the application following the collection of all documents and states that it will be finalized in 4-6 weeks. However, this period may vary depending on the initiative of visa officers.


What is the visa activation process, how is it done?

Every candidate whose employment visa has been approved is required to come to Hong Kong in person and apply to the Immigration Department to activate their visa. This process of is also managed by our team as in other processes.


May I apply to other industries out of education with my work permit after completion of contract?

Candidates who have a employment visa may work in any sector after they have completed the contract period. There are no sectoral restrictions to which employment visas are subject.

Can I apply for citizenship?

Anyone who has completed 7 years of service in Hong Kong SAR is eligible to apply for a "permanent residency"


How long are the holidays?

The people of Hong Kong have frequent holidays throughout the year. Although the holidays in the teaching profession are more than other professions, the duration of Christmas, Lunar New Year, Easter, Summer Holiday especially in the curriculum of the school is up to 2-3 weeks.


In addition, your institution determines the final holiday period in the business contract.

For information about Hong Kong Public Holidays:


Am I covered by any insurance plan/retirement fund during my employment in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, employers pay an amount called the MPF (Mandatory Provident Fund) to the Hong Kong SAR government on behalf of the employee. This fund is deducted mutually from employee and employers in the basis of 5% of salary from both side that totally equals to 10% of annual salary during employment period.

This fund may be returned to employee by government in case of he/she would like to leave Hong Kong SAR.

For further information, please refer to


Do I need to have private health insurance in Hong Kong ?

Hong Kong SAR government includes everyone with a valid work visa and a Hong Kong ID card to the public health system. Participants can benefit from high standard state hospitals at very low rates. The public health system in Hong Kong SAR includes a large number of outpatient clinics, specialist clinics and more than 40 full-fledged state hospitals. Only dental health - if there is no emergency - is not part of the system and you should be treated by a private dentist and / or have an additional health insurance plan for dental treatment. Kairos Career will provide free advice for dental health insurance if requested.

A visit to an emergency clinic will cost an average of 100 HKDs, including emergency visits. In addition to this basic fee, you will be charged with 10 HKD for any medication you may need. In case of staying in a public hospital overnight, 100 HKD per day, plus 50 HKD/one-time entrance fee is charged.

Please check out for current fees :

Due to these reasonable costs in comparison with private health insurance, the participant does not need to obtain a mandatory private Hong Kong health insurance.


What is the local people’s point of view to expats in Hong Kong ?

Hong Kong is one of the most advanced metropolitan cities in the world. The foreign population living in the city is very high and is a part of Hong Kong, since Hong Kong remained under the British patronage for 99 years from 1898 to 1997. The local people are very friendly and respectful to foreigners.

How is the transportation system and how much time is spent in commute?

Hong Kong with a population of 8 million has one of the most advanced transportation systems in the world. Although most of the work centers are located at the central points, average time of commute takes about 30 min.


May I apply to other schools/centers?

If your employer is satisfied with your performance, they will propose you to extend your contract at the end of your contract. If you wish to change job due to any situation, you can leave the job complying with the ’notice period‘in the contract and try to another school or company even in a different industry.


Does my employer sponsor my Master or any other education I start in Hong Kong or elsewhere?

Most of the schools/educational institutions in Hong Kong sponsor a certain portion of the costs of employers’ education such as graduate, master or etc. which they believe in that may improve qualification of their employees. So, you are more than welcome to ask about it to your employee.

Is there any overtime or flexibility in working hours?

With the exception of the conditions set out in your contract, employers are prohibited to ask extra work to employees in Hong Kong.

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